Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oh what fools these knitters be...

Sorry Shakespeare, and sorry to all knitters other than myself. It turns out I need a remedial course. Just a more solid grounding in the basics would be good.

Last night, while desperately trying to get to the end of The Aunty's socks I knitted along, decided it was long enough, and started the ribbing. I was thinking of other fun sock projects (there's some Lorna's Laces wanting attention) and about what needle size it might be good to have. Then I started thinking about the needles that I was working on and how they seemed really big for 2s.

Not one to be swayed by the alarms going off in my head, I finished the ribbing and cast off one and a half. I took the completed one and it turns out that my cast of was crazy crazy crazy tight. Feeling defeated, I decided that I didn't have the energy to do it again last night and they would have to wait for today, which means they wouldn't be blocked and dried until tomorrow, the day before her birthday, which means there's no way the postal system will get it there in time (I'm not paying overnight mail prices, it would be a dangerous line to cross).

I was going to grab one of the shorter sets of 2s (purchased in a fit of infatuation w/ the Cat Bordhi system- it quickly passed) when it hit me- The 2s were smaller than the needles I was using. In one fail swoop I figured out why they had been so big when I did the toes and why I had swatched at 8 sts per inch but was knitting at 7 sts per inch and why the cable part had funny gauge. I KNIT THE ENTIRE PAIR OF SOCKS ON A NEEDLE ONE SIZE TOO BIG.

I almost cried. In reality, my Aunty might never wear them, or if she does, might only wear them a couple of times, not enough to actually wear through the weak spots now ensured by my not realizing what size needle I was holding. I purchased a needle especially for this project, so I probably misread the label on the package and was too much of a dumbell to pull out the cute little needle sizer and check the darn things. Also, it took a week and a half of working with them to realize that they seemed just a tad big larger than they should.

I get no points. I need remedial knitting and will have to flog myself with a copy of "Knitting for Dummies". So sad. Also, only 55 days until January One. With recent developments the outlook seems bleak. Arg.

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