Monday, November 13, 2006

Freak out Monday

Hi Flan,
First of all, sorry about the dog bite. The Hubby came back from his field trip with two gigantic open blisters and a tick head in his torso (disgusting). The photos are fabulous! Both of the fantastic candidates and of the knitting.

I am totally freaking out. It wouldn't be so bad if one area of my life was under control, but all of them are nuts at the same time. At work there are some unreasonable deadlines and far too many meetings, which naturally result in overwhelming paperwork. The holiday season also officially starts on Thursday with open houses at all of the residences. Naturally, I get to go, but there's an entire day gone.
I love love love Thanksgiving and am having a few people over for day after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving (the official day being spent with in-laws; both sets, oh boy). So I'm trying to get the living room put together. This has taken 3 trips to Lowe's and will take another. What I wouldn't pay for a personal shopper. This also means sewing. Ick. Also, am going to have to solidify the menu. I'm already starting to scale back. By the time it comes around we'll be having instant oatmeal.
The MIL is moving so I have to get The Hubby to remember to clear out his old stuff. This also means that we have absolutely no room to move in our shoebox of a house from all the stuff we've already moved out of her house.

The knitting... Wouldn't you know, I started a new project. I'm working on The SIL's Xmas Scarf. I haven't decided if I like the proportions or not, so it's on hold. The Naked Needles challenge is contributing to the freak out.

Please excuse the ranting. I need to get past the freak out to focus and haven't gotten there yet. Deep breaths.

By the way, I got to go see Gracie's little girl. Damn. She's adorable and wonderful with that great baby smell. I got to hold her and she slept and is pretty perfect. When/if the time comes I'm definitely putting in an order to have one just like her.

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