Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yarn Arrival

My Webs order arrived yesterday, but a long work meeting meant I didn't get to open the box until last night, and I have no photos. I'll try and do better tomorrow.

I very studiously applied myself to my mom's shawl last night after the meeting, but made a mistake and ended up tinking back to where I started the night, so no progress there. This weekend I think I'll take progress pictures, because it is actually larger than the last time I photographed it.

I've also been knitting along on the Broad Street Mittens as my take along project, and I'm about to start the decreases for the top, so that project should be done pretty soon.

I'm resisting swatching for any of my projects that are currently lined up. No swatching for Elizabeth I. No swatching for Rogue. No swatching for Arwen. So far so good.

Naked Needles Progress:

I'm still working on my mother's shawl. Progress has been good but not great, I'm almost finished with the body, but then come the long edging rows.

The First Year Shawl is awaiting a lacy border. I have yet to come up with said lacy border, and I'm soliciting interesting border ideas for a shawl.

Broad Street Mittens should be done next week or so.

Goal: Finish Broad Street by Monday, then concentrate on Mom's shawl so it is done before I fly home for Christmas. Finish the First Year Shawl over Christmas, which would bring me to completing Naked Needles (I think). Potentially swatch for Rogue, Arwen, or Elizabeth on the plane ride home.

It seems plausible, but who knows?

I'll be contemplating which project to start next...I'm currently leaning towards Arwen since there's momentum in the blogosphere, but the others are so tempting. I suppose it depends on whether I can get gauge!

Last Minute Addition: I saw this meme about a graduate student who needs us to post his link and ping him so he can present a paper about blogs at a big conference. Since I'm all for helping a grad student out, and I think we knit-bloggers need to claim our space, I'm posting his link, and pinging him. Anyone who reads this blog and hasn't done so already should do the same. (Found via about 12 knitblogs I read, but most recently at Knitorious and Moth Heaven.

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