Friday, December 01, 2006

O Lawd

Hi Flan,
And Happy December. Wait, December, oh no. Fortunately, there are 31 days to this month. Unfortunately, I seem to be making absolutely no progress on anything. Granted, this week was especially bad with time-sucking events, but in every area of my life it seems like there has been a whole lot of effort and really very little progress.

Last year I had some freaky ultra productivity going on. I made 4 Christmas stockings and multiple scarves, plus a few snowmen, all in a weekend it seemed. This year I don't understand what's going on. Here are the current projects (granted, it would have helped had I not spent time making The Aunty's socks- then having to solve all the problems w/ the socks- and hadn't knit 216 inches of The SIL's scarf)

In order of closeness to completion:
1. Bamboo Doom. 8 rows to go. Thankfully, they are short rows with the longest being 11 sts.
2. Alpaca Octopus. 2 rows + Kitchner end, then have to tack together where the braiding crosses.
3. Ribbed Scarf (Who says men have fewer ribs?). 11 rows, but involves alternating colors. Coordinating hat is finished!
4. The Mommy's socks. Have to finish the ankles and do some @*&# ribbing. Am really not loving Cascade's Fixation (I know, I'm the only one).
5. The Hubby's socks. Have to finish decreases on one of the toes... Then knit the entire second sock. Involves two colors.
6. The Bro's sweater. Ribbing on one sleeve... Then knit the entire second sleeve.
7. Baby Blanket. Am knitting faux entrelac corner to corner and have just hit the half-way point, so it should theoretically get smaller from here.

Am seriously going to have to focus on one project at a time, sort of a divide and conquer mentality. Together they will take me to my knees, divided they should only make me short of breath.

Oh right, and The MIL has now officially moved out of her apt, so all of the stuff she didn't want, plus all of the stuff that The Hubby boxed up is strewn from one end of the house to the other and the Knit Night Ladies are coming over tomorrow. When dropping off the last box of stuff yesterday the MIL looked at me and asked where I expected them to sit...

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