Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Princess

Hi Flan,
Yesterday it was The Hubby's birthday. Having worked 14 hrs the day before you might have said that I had not really prepared anything in particular. Thankfully, he worked until 6:30, giving The Best Man and me ample time to grocery shop for dinner, shop at the party supply store and decorate his car...

... With a Pink Disney Princess Balloon and color coordinating crepe paper.

We also went into BB and made him wear a pink tinsel headband with "Happy Birthday" on it. Nothing says Happy 25th Bday for a Man like a Pink Princess balloon and a tinsel headband.

I gave him the @)(#*&% ribbed scarf and hat. It turns out that the hat is a bit too long, but if you flip the edge up it works pretty well (and disguises the fact that his ears kind of stick out). He (and The Best Man) really like the scarf. I told The Best Man not to steal it because I would have to kill him and I told The Hubby not to lose it because there will never ever be another one made by me.

Stephanie's blog explanation was the most coherant computer related thing I've ever heard. We need to hire that man to translate "computer to closet" things for the rest of us.

There has been pitiful progress on the knitting front. I am cooking tonight in preparation for The Birthday/ Bon Voyage Dinner tomorrow. The menu is as streamlined as I could make it but these in-laws are nuttier about food than my family is (three groups, raw vegans, gluten free, and people who actually enjoy food). I signed up to work an awake overnight Saturday night, so am going to try and stay up late Friday. Hopefully some knitting will get done. Maybe I should find some TV series and do a marathon watching session. Any suggestions?

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