Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shawl, we may have a problem

Your comment yesterday led me to do some reckoning last night. According to my oh-so-scientific calculations, I must complete 1200 stitches a day in order to finish the shawl before flying to AZ. If I factor in my ability to knit on the plane, I would need to do about 1,100 stitches a day (this would mean blocking in AZ, not necessarily a problem, but inconvenient). Then again, Mom is a knitter, she would understand.

Now I realize that is really isn't that many stitches. In fact, this is plausible if I just buckle down and work on it. But it may be a struggle to complete. My knitting speed is improving this project, so I remain hopeful. My hope is to get ahead this weekend so that I have a little more flexibility next week, which is packed to the gills! 1200 stitches today, 1200 stitches Thursday, 1200 stitches Friday (that could be a challenge, as we have a party), dare I hope for 4800 on Saturday and 2000 on Sunday? That would make this totally possible.

No new pictures, because more than ever this looks like a tangle of scraggly brightly colored yarn. I'm putting a lot of faith in the magic of blocking!

By the way, I bought some yarn from Jenna (the designer of Eris) last night as she was destashing (oops!). What I bought is no longer up, but it is six balls of Kidsilk Haze in a lovely shade of green for a remarkable price. In the process of buying it, Jenna visited our humble blog, and wrote me a nice note about my Eris. I'm so excited!

BTW, have you seen Stephanie's amazing explanation of why her blog is down? Red Alert

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