Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Again?

Hi Flan,
The shawl looks fabulous. Though I will admit I'm so exhausted that I focused more on the fact that the comforter in the picture looked really soft and warm (the shawl looks warm too, but the needles look cold).

I don't remember last week and am trying to suppress the PTSD flashes that sneak up and jog the memory. This weekend was quite productive if not actually restful. We finished the Christmas shopping! Granted, it was all of one item from Dillards and a delightful afternoon in TJMaxx, but still, the damnable is now done. Also, washer and dryer are hooked up! I think I've washed every piece of clothing we own. They were all dirty, but still.

The knitting however.... Such a sad story. I think I have it down to three projects; The Hubby's socks, The Baby Blanket and The Sweater. Oh the sweater... One of my PTSD flasbacks reminded me that I had a panic whilst knitting the first sleeve. I was convinced that it was going to be too long, so even though I was decreasing more often than recommended, I decided to make the decreases even closer together. All this was decided after approximately 4 inches of sleeve, leaving the whole remaining sleeve extremely short. Now, I could have just undone the ribbing, knit one more inch, then redone the ribbing. But no, that was not to be. I decided to rip out the entire section of extra decreases. Yup, it's gone. Was skeined, rinsed and is now dry and ready to be reknit. This exercise was not done by a healthy mind, but, for my first regular sized sweater I wanted everything to be symmetrical if nothing else (ok, I realize at this point that someone could say that no one other than myself would ever know- but that would be just mean).

I also ripped out a half completed hat. Naturally, it had beads and whilst looking at it drying after the dunking I realized I hadn't actually removed all the beads. Nice. It's Rowan Calmer and I'm hoping to use it as the lining when I do the brooklyn tweed hat. I don't think The Hubby would appreciate the beads.

Break time's over, back on your heads.

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