Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"I didn't notice I was distracted."

A direct quotation from The Hubby (who happened to not have taken his ADD medication yesterday). It was a particularly interesting night, especially after he ate an entire bag of peanut butter MMs...

By the way, the dress is beautiful. Kudos for braving The Mall of Doom on a Saturday in December. Although I do love the Nordy Rack, so I can understand the pull.

A few more FOs: The Alpaca Octopus is finished!! Thank goodness for Techniques w/ Theresa. She kindly (and slowly w/ lots of pictures) explains rudimentary things that some of us never got the first time around but everyone else seems to know. I have a deep urge to now print every article she's written for knitty and laminate them, creating a "knitting for people who are intelligent (ergo, not a knitting for dummies) but were never taught in the first place" book. Also, decided that the ribbing on The Mommy's socks was actually fine, so cast off the remaining sock and a half. They're pretty comfortable, so I hope she likes them.

BTW: check out the absolutely gorgeous hat over at brooklyn tweed. This man has great photos, as well as an accomplished color sense and knack for creating men's knits that are cool and young and don't look like they were designed by your great Aunt Mildred w/ glaucoma. I love the stuff he does so much I immediately want to go out and knit it for The Hubby. When I show select pieces to The Hubby he also wants me to go out immediately and create him one. One of those "happy but will make you poor but warm because you're wearing gorgeous handknits" situations.

Happy Tuesday.

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That's a very your hubby comment!