Friday, December 15, 2006

just One more thing...

Hi Flan,
Remember that felted Christmas stocking I made last year? It was scarlet and very plain. I spent 6 months trying to figure out how to embellish and then did a cute little embroidered tree w/ charms as ornaments. It was requested as an auction item by The Mommy. However, her auction got postponed so she gave it to one of The Aunties who was having an auction. That Auntie ended up purchasing it for her partner, The Other Auntie, in a bidding war against one of her lifelong friends ($60 for Campfire). The Friend now wants one. I'm thrilled, flattered, and have lost all grip on reality and how long it takes to do. I figure if I pick up the yarn on the way out of town that it's definitely doable to finish it this weekend (there's that whole staying up today and tomorrow nights), felt it Sunday night, get charms Monday and send it off so it has time to arrive before Christmas.

Tell the nice men w/ the white jackets I'm now ready.

The other projects are feeling neglected, but I don't care. I'm infatuated and was looking for a new project to start.

Woops, time for a staff meeting. Sadly, they won't let me knit.

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