Monday, December 18, 2006

Punch Drunk Tired

Hi Flan,
a.k.a. The MOST fabulous knitter friend any one could ever have!

Never have I ever had anyone make me anything quite so delightful as these socks. AND they're pink. I cannot even tell you (although my rambly voicemail attempted) to express how utterly delightful they are. I'm so in love. The Hubby says he understands (and didn't even mention that I haven't made any progress whatsoever on his new pair of socks- Xmas gifts? Ha).

It turns out you really can knit and felt a Christmas socking in 36 hours. Yarn was purchased on the way out of town, knitting commenced, did dinner for The Inlaws, then knitted, stayed up late, knitting, slept a little (sadly no knitting progress), knitted on way home, arriving half way through heel flap. Got Hubby off to work, made chocolate peppermint bark, started load of laundry, contemplated knitting, slept a little more in preparation for all nighter, up, forgot to eat dinner (had also forgotten about lunch), went to work, knitted and knitted and knitted and knitted. It turns out 9p-12a is very productive for knitting, 12a-3a not so much. Got to the toe and sort of forgot how it all worked. Did the I-cord, still igorning the toe, got clients up, showered, made, served and fed breakfast, did their laundry whilst thinking about my laundry, home for a shower, took The Hubby some food, home for a few hours of sleep, got to go to a cookie exchange and stitch marker making party w/ The Ladies, finished the toe, threw the thing in the washer and had some happy felting. Now only have to get some charms and embroider the tree, then pray to the postal service gods that it might have a prayer of arriving on time. The maniacal laughter is mocking me on that point. Naturally, in this sleep deprived state, I dreamt up two more stockings that I think would be really fun to do (Naturally, the fact that there is no human way to accomplish this in one week has nothing to do w/ the fact that it could be done "before Christmas". "Christmas" and "one week from today" have no connection).

Stephanie certainly puts things in perspective.

Hope you have a Happy Monday.

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