Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Inching (Not itching)

That's how I'm beginning to feel about my mother's shawl. I worked on it diligently last night, and made progress, but I still feel like I'm just barely inching along. I have 4 rows left of the last repeat section in the middle (which, knock on wood, I seem to have finally stopped screwing up), and then I think an additional six rows before the bind off row and the beginning of the edging.

Luckily, in my world Tuesday's are for knitting, much as they are for spinning for Stephanie. This is because Mike plays basketball Tuesday nights, so I generally park myself on the couch with a Netflix movie (recently Grey's Anatomy), and knit all night. Tonight will be a bit abbreviated because I need to run out to Roseville before I head home, but then I will knit. I'm hoping to complete the repeat, and at least part of those additional 6 rows tonight. Also I'm going to Kitchener the second Broad Street Mitten, though probably not get to weaving in the ends.

This will be my first real experience with the magic of lace, detailed beautifully by Stephanie here, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm a bit nervous about making the cast off row too tight, so I'm thinking very hard about what size needles to use, or whether to place the top stitches on waste yarn and cast off after blocking.... any thoughts? My plan is to block it on the futon couch that was once yours. I think I'll take the current cover off to protect it from the pins, so you'll probably be treated to garishly clashing pictures of the red and purple shawl blocking on the green futon!

I too love both Techniques with Theresa and Brooklyn Tweed. In fact, Theresa is who I turn to for a reminder on how to Kitchener just about every time.

I assume its warmer there than here! The high on Thursday is supposed to be 14 above, and I have to wear a skirt suit to work!

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