Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady once again. The sum total of last nights knitting was picking up the hundreds of stitches for the border of my mothers shawl, and knitting the setup row. Happily, I have the right number of stitches at this point, so I think I can start cruising on the edging after work. I have a netflix movie, so it should be a lovely evening.

Before I sit down to knit tonight, my plan is to figure out how many rows I have left so that I can plot out how many rows I need to accomplish a day to finish the shawl in time for Christmas. Then I'll do the same thing for the First Year Shawl for after Christmas.

Other than that, I'm contemplating things I can throw out when we move, and whether I'm going to go crazy since my office moves on Jan 15th, and Mike and I are moving around Jan 31. Ack! Packing is going to rule my life once I come back from AZ.

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Kathleen said...

When you get to number of sts per day (extrapolated by number of rows) and it hits over 43,200 (number of seconds per day) I beg you to remember that even the fastest knitter needs to sleep. I do admire your fortitude.