Friday, December 08, 2006

(Lace) Surgery Completed

I have survived my first major lace surgery. Last night I sat down with strong light, West Wing Season 4 on DVD, and lots of knitting needles. I completed the surgery, and kept right on knitting. I have now finished knitting the center triangle of the shawl. The next step is to cast off the top and pick up stitches for the edging lace pattern.

I'm feeling a great sense of relief. As always, you can't see the pattern at all yet:

But I stretched it over my hand so you can see it a bit:

Tonight I'm baking Pumpkin-Ginger Cheesecake and we're decorating the Christmas Tree, so I'm not sure any progress will be made. I hope to get some done over the weekend though, I need to keep moving or it isn't going to make its deadline! I think I'd like to finish and block this while I'm still here, but that may not be possible, as the deadline looms. Luckily, my Mom is also a knitter, so I think she'll forgive me if I have to block it in AZ.

We have a pretty packed weekend, so I'm not optomistic about getting much lace knitting done. I do have some time tomorrow where I won't have the concentration for lace, but should be able to knit, so I think I'm going to work on the First Year Shawl, which has been languishing.

Have a good weekend, and good luck emerging from under your work stuff!

P.S.: New Knitty!

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