Monday, December 04, 2006

Progress Progress Progress

That sounds like quite the productive weekend and quite lovely as well!

I managed to complete my goal for the weekend, I completed the knitting on the Broad Street Mittens.

Displayed on my sofa pillow, though at first glance it closely resembles my mother's shawl. You'll note that I said I finished the knitting. There is still the weaving in of ends and the Kitchenering of mitten #2.

Glove style:

Mitten style:
Sorry for the blinding whiteness of my forearm, and the generally bad lighting. THese pictures were taken at about 10pm last night, which necessitated both a bright light and the flash on teh camera.

I also am making "slow and steady" progress on my mother's shawl, and am only about 12 rows from finishing the body. The rows are taking a long time though, and then there is the edging.
Goal: Finish by December 20th, so as to block before leaving for AZ. On the other hand, it sure would dry faster in the lovely AZ dryness. Hmm. More thought on that.

I haven't touched the First Year Shawl, though I have come up with a solution for the edging, so at least I know what I'm doing now!

In other weekend news, on Saturday we braved the Mall of America (seriously, one of my least favorite places) in order to buy Mike new black dress shoes at Nordstrom Rack. This had to be done on Saturday because we had a formal cocktail party to attend Saturday night, to which Mike was wearing his kilt, and the brown shoes simply did not go.

So we arrived at 10am and left at 11:10 am. Not too bad. Also accomplished in that time: I exchanged a dress for a different size, and I bought this dress for the party:

(Giselle from Ann Taylor, currently on sale here.) For anyone who reads this and doesn't know me, that photo is a model, not me!

I love it! The cocktail party was lots of fun. Mike got lots of attention with the kilt, we chatted with people we knew and didn't know, we stayed out late (for us), and it was in general a great party. Sadly, we neglected to get any pictures of us dressed up. On the other hand, we have a cocktail party to attend in a few weeks with a completely different group of friends, and we'll be wearing the same outfits, so there is hope!

We also had a lovely brunch out on Sunday before returning to the mundaneness of grocery shopping, etc. All in all, a lovely weekend with lots of quiet knitting time and a good amount of social time. It's amazing how nice that kind of weekend can be, isn't it?

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