Monday, December 18, 2006


I'm so glad you liked your Christmas package! The socks are amazingly pinkl

This weekend I knit a lot on this:

Blurry shot of the edging courtesy of the flash on my camera. Still not done. Slowly separating from reality about finishing. I've concluded that I can knit the edging (as opposed to the border I'm currently knitting) completely on the the plane to AZ. Delusions may have come into play here. Either way, I think my mother will be ok if she gets it on the needles. Knitters understand.

We went to a party dressed like this: Mike is always a big hit in his kilt. Oh yeah, he's growing a beard again.

Last night we went to the pub quiz, and Mike's team won 4 tickets to the Nutcracker at the State Theater tonight. There were only 3 people on the team, so I got the extra ticket. Fun times! Unfortunately, this means no shawl knitting tonight. I'm taking a just started sock, but I've never tried to knit during the Nutcracker before. I may be too absorbed.

Speaking of socks, have I told you how much I love these?

Pony Pearl needles are my absolute favorite double points. They're quiet (plastic over metal) the metal core gives them strength, but they're soft feeling, and they don't snap (how many wooden and bamboo needles did I have to snap before I gave up? Kind of ridiculous). I just bought size 1 for the first time, and I'm not loving them, but I love all the other sizes so much that I'm willing to forgive them for that.

Also, I bought clasps for Eris, but I haven't sewn them on. Honestly, I think the clasps cost more than the yarn for this sweater!

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Kathleen said...

Mikey has nice knees.

You look pretty (you do usually, but especially w/ all the frou frouing).

There is no way Christmas is in 6 days. No. Way.

There would be knitting tonight, but The Hubby specially requested we make fudge, and who could turn down a cutie and chocolate?