Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cutest Little Yarn Store in WA

Hi Flan,

I got to visit the cutest little yarn shop in the town where The 93yo Grandma lives. She built or converted a room of her house into a yarn store (what a dream) and can open the door into her living room and police her young and adorable children (who were very hungry when we were there). She had a surprisingly diverse collection of really beautiful yarn. That's where I found the LL blackberry swirl and was so close to buying it for you (but then restrained by the memory that The Hubby is currently unemployed). I found some fantastic Cascade Sierra on sale and am thinking about doing a warshrag blanket in blue and green.

I went to a second yarn store today. Originally, she was in one location. When I visited in April she had moved to a second location. When I returned today she was back in the first location. Confusion made worse by scads of tourists, but all was well in the end. I found some lace weight Misti Alpaca but resisted it's siren song. I did, however, succumb to some Debbie Bliss cashmerino. The SIL needs a second hat and in something a little more luxurious than 220 to go w/ her alpaca scarf. I am also jumping on the bandwagon of the fingerless cable glove thingies from knitty. I think The Hubby's cousin on his father's side might like a pair. Did you enjoy the Broad Street gloves? I was thinking of a second cousin who might like a pair.

While in an overpriced but independent bookstore I ran across this book. It has a trendy title but surprisingly good patterns. Had I not just purchased some yarn (second time in two days) I would have snatched it up right away.

My mittens are going quite well. I am surprised the progress that can be made on 1s. I might even have one done by the time we get home. Tomorrow is a day in Seattle. Lots of seafood and we get to go to THIS bookstore, but probably no yarn stores (good for the bank account, sort of sad for me).

Safe travels for your trek home.

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