Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Delusions

Christmas timing delusions are a well documented disease for knitters. I'm just saying that it seems you and I are both operating under them.

I actually made my stitches goal last night, but discovered a small mistake, which I was then too tired to fix. That gets first priority tonight, then more stitching! It does look really good though. I'm becoming resigned to the idea that this might be an "on the needles" gift...but I'm still pulling for being able to finish it on the plane. I've knit this whole thing without lifelines (living dangerously, I am), and it worked with this specific yarn and pattern, but I think any more complicated lace will get lifelines from now on with me!

I also have a small "one more project" thing going on, but its deadline is my arrival back from AZ (January 1, conveniently enough), so I'm feeling good about it. I'm reprising the Knitty Manly Mitts for our friend J, who admired Mike's when they were on the needles, and very sweetly requested them. (And then dropped hints all over the place about when they'd get done!) I've completed one cuff, mostly while waiting in lines and in cars, so they're progressing. Luckily, they're a simple enough knit that I can work on them in almost any situation, so they make a good socializing project.

Stephanie is back! And she has an amazing post up about Doctors Without Borders. I gave the last time she did this, and I'm eying my end of year budget to give a little bit again this year. Such a great organization, and I like Stephanie's idea. This is what tugged at my heartstrings, even though I was already convinced:
It won't be easy, it might even pinch a little, but it can't hurt as much as doing nothing, or it can't hurt as much as being one of the people in the world who needs help for a loved one and is watching them die because they have the bad luck to live in a country where you can't call 911.
I've been the person who answers 911. I've called 911. I take it for granted. And everyone should have that. And just a safety net. And the things we don't notice. Like, as Stephanie said, "4 million people have quietly died" without the world noticing. Really, Stephanie says it best.

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