Monday, December 04, 2006

Woohoo Weekend

Hi Flan,
I had the most fabulous weekend & hope you did too. There were enough places for all the ladies to sit when they came over Saturday. The Little Girl was a perfect angel. Yesterday The Hubby and I spent the day reading in almost total silence. (and I knit). All in all completely perfect.

PLUS... There are now some fabulous FOs! Bamboo Doom was finished and all ends are woven in! The (@*&# Ribbed scarf is also finished!!

There are, however, a few projects now in the "one st forward, two tinked back" category:
1. The Alpaca Octopus. Somehow the Kitchner and I are not on the same page and some serious scary is resulting. All the beautiful diagrams look simple and I think they are leaving out the bit where you have to sacrifice goats and pray to the dark forces.
2. The Mommy's socks. I got to the ribbing! I finished the ribbing! I think I should have gone down a needle size to do the ribbing. Granted, I had this thought after I was two rows in. The fact that I continued to knit on the same needle size for another inch and a quarter, then cast off half a sock does not bode well.
3. The Brother's sweater! Somehow, inspiration siezed me and I knit like a little devil. In one evening and a morning I had the entire second sleeve knit to the point of the ribbing... Wait a minute... The second sleeve (ready for ribbing) is now as long as the first (completed w/ ribbing) sleeve... There is something off about that. So am now waiting for The Brother to respond to the email asking exactly how long his arms happen to be, can then adjust accordingly.

The un-knit upon but still think about:
1. The Hubby's socks.
2. The Baby blanket.

All in all, not too bad. I have even started dreaming up new projects, which is a sure sign that the fear of not finishing has mostly passed. Ah the miracles resulting from an afternoon of friends followed by a day in almost total silence with my hubby, knitting all the while.

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