Monday, October 09, 2006

Wedding Photos!

Hey Flan-
The wedding was delightful and utterly lovely. We got the camera to work so there are photos to share!

They got married! The Sister and I still think it's odd that someone actually would want our older (icky) brother to give them a smootch, but go figure. This was taken by the oak tree on the 12th hole of a golf course. Yes, there were golfers playing around them. The Sister and I got our own golf cart to take to the 12th hole. The photographer was on the back of our cart where the bags are supposed to go. The Sister did manage to drive him through a tree....
Traveling in style.
We three siblings looking like we might like each other. I know it's dark, but the auto enhance feature made us all look funny.
My cutie hubby. Looking fabulous in his new suit, shirt and tie.
The Mommy & The girls. The Sister got ahold of The Mommy's hair stylist. There was unbelievable hair. The Aunties thought it was a piece.

More of the oak tree on the 12th hole. There was wine and dancing and cute boys and gorgeous ladies. Everything was lovely. One funny part- The Brother encouraged his bride to keep her maiden name (the married name not being such a great one and all) but her mother would have none of it and insisted she change. I'm happy to say we now have a new Dull Woman.

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