Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hey Flan,
Goodness the fish are adorable! I think we might have some tropical ones for this Xmas.

The amount of water pouring from the sky is amazing. It started yesterday with the extremely chipper radio people constantly announcing the 100% chance of thunderstorms. It rained, but it didn't constantly pour. Today, however, is another story. I was woken up during the night by rain, there was thunder and lightning at breakfast and my car wanted to hydroplane the entire trip to work. I have never seen so much rain. It seems like the world got tipped over and the oceans are all falling on our heads. The other weird thing is that it's warm. Really warm (80). Yesterday it seemed like tornado weather. Today it's like we're in a tsunami. Too bad Work didn't call a "practice hurricane" day...

Did you hear about the Debbie Bliss recall?! Shocking. Apparently, DB and some Noro (and something from KFI) have been recalled because some analysis says that there isn't the advertised amount of cashmere. Hm! The thing is I don't know if I care. Truth in labeling? Yes. But is DB cashmerino a scrumptiously delightful yarn? Totally. Do I get giddy near the baby cashmerino and look for young children to dress in it? Yes. Am I going to get all huffy over it? Maybe but not yet. (As with many things the company is disputing the independent analyst's findings. Should they 'fess up if they've done something wrong? Yes. Own up, apologize and move on- maybe even offer some free to those of us stilly loyal???)

The knitting... I was seduced by the Calmer. It's going pretty well, but I think I'm going to run out of yarn. There would be two options; have The Sister return the original hat I made for her that she says is too short, rip it and add to current hat. Option two: just buy a new ball. The trouble? Hats only take one ball, so it seems stupid to have to add more yarn mid hat. We're on time out. The bamboo scarf is going well, now that I realize I was a dingbat and creating problems that weren't really there. I started a pink mohair scarf. Teeny Tiny mohair and big clunky needles. Weirdest knitting I've ever done. It's sort of like trying to knit fairy wings with concrete. I also found out I really have to pay attention- so far I'm only two rows in and already have an extra stitch. It's going to wait until later. I decided that after slogging through The Wedding Throw I get to have as much knitting ADD as I want.

Ken's onboard w/ your idea. I decided it might be fun to spend more than a weekend in DC, so I'm trying to calculate how many vacation days I'm going to have by May.

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