Sunday, October 22, 2006

Two Finished Objects!

I buckled down to get working on the Naked Needles challenge yesterday.

First, I finally grafted the toes of my blue socks, which didn't get their own picture on Friday cause they were almost too close to done to count. I've been putting off grafting them for the better part of a month.

Here they are, just comfortable cotton ankle socks. These are, as per usual BroadRipple Socks from Knitty in Cascade Fixation.

Second Finished Object are my wristwarmers loosely based on Voodoo. Even with the timer, it's hard to take a picture of both hands!

They're perfect for wearing with a jacket or under gloves on the crisp days, and I can still knit with them on!

I made more progress on the Naked Needles by ripping back the edging on my first year shawl. The edging yarn has been reskeined and washed, and I'm trying to figure out what edging pattern to use instead.

The last picture isn't knitting, its food. This is the pasta salad I made for a potluck last night: it's easily the 4th time I've made this for parties this year. It's super easy, very tasty, and doesn't require refrigeration, so it's great for picnics or events where refrigeration is at a premium! I use this recipe, which always gets rave reviews. I play with it a bit, but the most consistent change I make is to substitute raspberry Blush vinegar for the white wine vinegar called for. It's very vinegary and tart, which I like, but if people don't like that, you could cut back pretty easily.

Hope fishing was fun! I'm off to run errands and then dinner with Mike's folks....

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