Friday, October 20, 2006

Two steps forward...

Hey Flan,
It would be delightful if you joined in my finishing mania. It was a two steps forward, one project back last night. I finished two projects! Granted, it meant adding fringe on a scarf for The Sister and weaving in a total of one end on a hat for one of the Santa Fe Aunties. Then I remembered the pesky order of the calendar and that November (Bday month for the other SF Auntie) comes before December (The Hubby's Bday and Xmas). So I set aside the scarf with miles and miles of endless ribbing and CAST ON a project. I am so nuts.
Ok, I thought I had photos to share, but there seems to be a problem. I will take a deep breath and try again this weekend.
Today we're taking some of the clients to Jackson, AL for a mini conference. I'm excited about the 1 1/2 drive there and back. Major knitting time. We're also going fishing this weekend. Ok, minor correction- The Hubby & Best Man are going fishing, I'm going along to drive because neither of them have slept recently. Hope you have a good Friday.

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