Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yarn! A photo essay of sorts.


Lots of pictures ahead, not much text.

Remember this sneak peek?

From there, it was on to staining. See that very light wood? clearly that wouldn't do. Here are many of the pieces hanging from the ceiling... and immediately after being taken down.

and the finished result....

Last night after it was all assembled, of course I had to spin for Josh's benefit...and I managed to fill three bobbins.

This afternoon I plied together to form a bobbin of 3-ply yarn, At which point I remembered I needed a niddy noddy to wind off on. This inspired an emergency trip to Depth of Field yarns (I was really good! I only bought spinning stuff, and no more fiber!)

That yarn, plus the three bobbins I spun today created four (very uneven) skeins of 3-ply yarn...

Which after washing and hanging to set the twist made my bathroom look like this:

We'll see how it looks in the morning. The below picture is a bonus: how I know it is fall here...


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