Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blue Sky (alpaca)

Hey Flan-
The blue sky looks nice. It's blue sky here at the moment but we had an amazing thunderstorm this morning - big fun schlepping Wal-Mart groceries to the car in pouring rain- so now everything's wet.
I am so close to being done I could cry. I am a little over halfway done w/ a solid square. There's only one lace section and then the FINAL garter section. I am so tired of looking at oatmealy sand colored yarn I could cry. Sadly, the house is not clean and there is actual work to be done so I should probably put down the alpaca for a moment, but if I put it down that will mean that it will be even longer before it's done. I think I'm going to lock myself in the spare bedroom and continue watching TWW dvds until it's done. Will probably have to tell The Hubby I'm ironing. If only it would knit itself...

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