Friday, September 29, 2006



You're done! And before the wedding even! I can't wait for pictures (and your very own pattern, as I recall).

For the record, I felt pretty in the bridesmaid's dress at your wedding, though I do know your sister hated it.

I have no new pictures for you today because although I took them, I neglected to transfer them to the computer this they're sitting on the camera, which I have with me, but I forgot to bring the connecter bit!

Yesterday I stopped by Borealis to pick up yarn for a new instant gratification secret project....I'll show you if it works out! Hint: It is going to inspire more comments about 50s housewives and/or Martha Stewart. The ladies at Borealis (both staff and customers sitting around knitting) gave me great color advice, and I'm reminded of how much I like going there, it's such a welcoming comfortable space. I got a bit of knitting on the secret project done during Grey's Anatomy last night, a particularly soap opera episode.

More knitting is projected to take place tonight, since we have tickets to a Twins game. Last nights game was amazing, and they're now tied for first, so I'm hoping for a fun and exciting evening with lots of knitting. I think baseball is particularly well suited for knitting, personally. I saw that your football team won last week, I'm so proud of the blue and orange!

This weekend plans include making applesauce, spinning, and maybe swatching for a vest out of the Artyarns you bought me. I can't find a pattern I like, so I'm going to take measurements from a vest that fits, swatch, and attempt pattern design. Yikes!


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It's been fun to watch the Twins! I worked in the concessions today (for the MN Boychoir) so I got to be there when Detroit lost to KC and the Twins were named the official division champs. Geez, the noise was incredible, I'd never been there when it was completely full of screaming, stomping people. Amazing.