Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here's the sum total of what I've spun so far:

The gray is the four skeins (245 yards) of Corriadale I showed you pictures of before. The purple is 2 skeins (170 yds) of dusky purple superwash wool (harder to spin, but lovely to feel), that I did on Sunday.

So my weekend of spinning resulted in a total of 415 yds of three ply yarns. It doesn't seem like that much until I remember that for every yard of 3-ply, I've spun three yards and then plied. All of that has been washed in woolwash and hung to dry, and though some is overplied and some underplied, I'm pretty proud of it.

However, I now understand why it took Stephanie so long to spin the yarn for Joe's gansey!

I didn't quite manage to evenly fill the bobbins on this last round of the purple superwash, so I'm going to ply the stuff I have left on two of the bobbins into 2-ply, and see how I like it compared to the 3-ply.

Bonus closeup of the purple so you can see the texture, though totally washed out. The first picture was much more true to color.

Yesterday was the first day since I received my wheel that I didn't spin. I hung out at Mike's (he got back from Kansas late Sunday), and we watched the new Aaron Sorkin show, which we're enjoying. It's no West Wing, but we're enjoying it. In fact, not only did I not spin, I didn't knit! I just lay on the couch and relaxed.

More spinning tonight though!


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