Friday, September 22, 2006

Of Blood and Wheels...

No pictures today because I forgot to bring the camera to transfer pictures in my rush out of the house this morning. I had an early morning appointment to get blood drawn that required fasting for 12 hours (ugh!). Despite my objections, the tech insisted on trying my right arm first. No one can ever get a line into my right arm. Finally after several minutes of prodding, she tried my left arm. Miraculously, she got a good stick the first time. From now on, I'm going to absolutely refuse to have blood drawn from my right arm. I feel like I was visiting the vampires this morning!
In more exciting news, last night after work I rushed home, picked up my wheel and my staining supplies, and headed over to Josh's to stain the wheel. He created this really elaborate system with wire that hung every piece of the wheel (and there are lots!) with wire from the pipes in his well ventilated basement, and then staining commenced. Pictures to follow of the process.
When all was stained, we went upstairs to watch Grey's Anatomy and wait while it dried. After Grey's, the flyer part was dry enough to assemble, so we did that, stained the piece I missed in the box (oops!), and left the rest to do today.
So after work tonight I'll be rushing home to change so that I can go over and finish assembling the wheel and start spinning! Since we're still missing the connection bit between camera and computer, I'll probably even take the camera card over to ProEx to download the photos (ah, my commitment to blogging!)

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