Monday, September 25, 2006

99 rows left to knit...

99 rows to knit.... knit one row, whoops another to go, 98 rows left to knit...

So my career as a lyricist doesn't look promising. After hours and hours of knitting and episode after epsiode of The West Wing, The Wedding Throw still isn't done. I am finally to the last garter section. I think I'm at row 6 and need to get to row 22 before I can cast off. Logically, the next question would be what type of cast off to use, but at this point I just want it off the needles. When it happens I am going to throw myself a party w/ an umbrella drink. Of course, I'm neglecting the whole having to block it aspect for the moment.

My brain feels mushy. Probably not a great feeling for a Monday in which I have to go to an intense training all day today. I think they're going to ask for "audience participation" as well. Everything would be fine except that the world didn't give me a pass for everything else there is to do and the first of the month is Saturday, so work stuff and little things like student loans and rent are all due by Friday.

The Sister comes back to the country today! I'm probably more excited about it than she is. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! It's Grandma's Birthday today! She stopped counting at 80, but we think it's the big 8-7 today. One of the Santa Fe Aunties flew up to celebrate.

Hope your day goes well and your brain isn't mushy.

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Gracie said...

Hurrah for being close to done on the throw!

Don't forget knit night is at Heidi's tomorrow - I've got directions if you need them, I think you left before she gave them out. See you manana (how is that for being bilingual?!)