Monday, September 18, 2006

What a Weekend!

The great tragedy of the weekend: on Friday, to much excitement, UPS delivered a box to my office with a spinning wheel picture on it. The tragedy is that it wasn't the right wheel. When it first arrived I thought "Yay!" and didn't look too closely. When it got less busy, I took a closer look and had a sinking feeling.

The picture of the wheel on the box wasn't a picture of my wheel. The name also didn't match. I e-mailed Detta to check if they ever send the wheel in a different box. The answer was no. They sent me the wrong wheel! Detta sprang into action and talked to the distributor, and it seems it was human error. She billed me for a Traveller, they billed her for a Traveller, and whoever was pulling boxes pulled a Traditional instead! No big deal in the grand scheme of things, but frustrating as I was so excited about getting the wheel this weekend. So they shipped a replacement wheel on Friday, and it should arrive I'm back to stalking my wheel by its UPS tracking number! Mike is out of town starting Thursday morning, so I'll be trying to put it together on my own on Thursday night. I may have to call someone to help me hold pieces together.

I'm glad you've made the momentous choice to support the blue and orange again. :)

As for your health care frustration, I totally understand. Unfortunately, I can only offer you help within the Minnesota political arena. Lori Swanson who just won the DFL nomination for Attorney General, has spent her career fighting the health care conglomerates, and her work eventually makes a difference nationwide. There's my help.

More later on actual knitting progress and such...


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