Friday, September 08, 2006


Hey Flan-

Thank goodness all the PMS-y dwarfs have returned from whence they came. Damn little bastards (you'd know- they're men). Anyway, I'm feeling much better today.

So I happened along a past article in knitty about becoming a Master Knitter. I skipped over to the TKGA's website and found a second article. I am now officially intrigued. Would this be fun? Swatching isn't normally fun, but this is swatching with a goal (more than usual). I am pondering the possibilities. The knitter that taught me was a very "seat of the pants" kind of girl, so I don't really know all the different ways to do things, much less the right way to do them. Maybe this would be a good idea.

Also, I showed The LYS owner The Wedding Throw and commented that it was leaning funny and I hoped it would straighten out in the blocking. She was so skeptical I haven't worked on it since and the wedding is mere weeks away. Utter and total freak out going on (plus I'm out of yarn). Maybe if I knew the things that The Masters know this wouldn't be happening. (Ok, it probably would be happening and I'd be kicking myself about it- or I would have just given up and bought a Cuisinart already).

I am working on The Mommy's socks. It turns out pattern + varigation = ugly. The socks are being redone as plain socks. I would like to say that I am completely loving the one really long circular method of knitting and love the magic cast on thingy.

Have a good weekend.

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