Sunday, September 10, 2006

Master Knitting and a Wheel!

I've looked at the Master Knitter thing before. I think you're right, the main benefit would be to learn new techniques that we haven't come across otherwise.

My hell week is over, thank goodness, and the primary is Tuesday. In preparation for surviving the week and primary, I made a trip out to Detta's yesterday. I spun and spun and spun on the two wheels I was considering, and then I bought a wheel! An Ashford Traveller! It won't arrive until Friday or so, but I cannot wait!!!

Detta was so helpful, and there were two beginning spinners there just learning, which was fun to see. Detta has a deal where when you buy an Ashford, you get 1 lb of mill end wool to spin. So I have a pound of a very deep dusky purple superwash to spin into sock yarn. Then I just had to buy the Blue Faced Leicester in white to try out (I've heard such good things), and the Corriedale that I'd been practicing with at Detta's. Both are beautiful, and I adore them, and can't wait for the wheel to arrive. I honestly bounced for hours afterwards.

We went to see the Saints play last night. It turns out they're in the playoffs, so it was a fun game. It was full of their completely ridiculous stunts every half inning. They lost, but it was a good time.

The weather here transitioned quite impressively into fall this week, though I'm assured it will get warm again in the coming week.

So hooray! I should have a spinning wheel by next weekend, and lots to spin. I've been on a cleaning kick all day, so I'm off to finish up.


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