Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Crazy Lady

Hi Flan,
Why is it that all the fun energy you had Monday is completely gone by 3am Tuesday? Monday I was doing so well, up at 5, off to the gym, rush home, ready for work, went to work, stopped at grocery store and pharmacy on the way home, made meatloaf & limas for dinner with a homemade apple pie for dessert, whisked off to The MIL's with the laundry, chatted w/ The Mommy, off to the library, back to pick up the laundry, home to do dishes and off to bed. Felt great all day. This morning at 3 am I randomly woke up and was exhausted. Not that I'm not usually tired at 3 am, but this was different. I reset the alarm for 6 (5 was not happening) and figured that going to the gym every other day was sufficient for now. Damn I'm tired. Maybe no more late nite pie eating... Sad.
I looked at the picture of your spinning wheel. Damn that thing is impressive! It's all big and official and what not. I hope you have lots of fun w/ it.
Thanks for letting me know about the new knitty. This lady is completely insane. I was with her when she did the demo of the two different colored sockies. Then she threw in the great little photo of two socks of the same yarn at the same time. This woman needs medication. No, really. I'm trained to spot it. Why would you do this? Why? I don't understand. She must either be a yogi and ascended to a level we mortals will barely know even exists, or a complete and total freak-o. One of the two. What world tumult created the technique in the first place? My socks stay separate on my feet, why should they be created together? I need to have a lie down- the head is hurting.

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