Monday, November 12, 2007

Too Big AND Too Small

Hey Flan,

Firstly, to all the Vetrans past and present, Thank You for your sacrifice.

Being a city employee I have today off. I will probably spend today cleaning my house, baking and ripping out a large amount of knitting.

Saturday night I finally finished the back of The Mommy's Sweater. I had thought it was too big early on (there are always warning signs) but decided I was alright. Fool me. After I finished it was looking absolutely mammoth. Like I could have wrapped it around her, me, and the odd elephant and we would have all had room to spare. I broke down and emailed her to please send me some actual numbers to work from.

Turns out I'd made it a size too big. Ironically, with all the shortening I'd done to accomodate our genetically shrunken torsos I'd also made it too short. Woe is me. I have not yet ripped it out but it's on the agenda for today.

BIG FAVOR: Can you count the number of dpns you have and tell me if you have more than 2 sets per size for sock needles? (Also, anyone else reading that knits on dpns I would really appreciate that as well). I'm trying to design a needle case. I- the non-sock knitter- has 2 sets (the mm sizes, so the US 1.5 & 2.5 as well) for each size. So someone who knits socks often would probably have more. HOWEVER, they probably have WIPS, so those needles wouldn't be in a case. I spent many hours slogging over a calculator before switching to Excel in an effort to figure out how many needles people have and how many slots to make. Being as neurotic as I am, I want the slots to be the correct size so the needles don't just go sliding around.

The basic question is: do you think you have an average of 2 sets of dpns per size or 3?

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