Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bug Bitten Bottom of Foot (Day 1)

Hey Flan,

Firstly, Welcome to MN to Flan's MOM! I remember the first time I met your mom and I didn't know her name, which turns out to be the same as The Sister's name, so I just called her "Flan's Mom" for awhile. The first time I met your mom was at Parent's weekend. We were in the dorm and you were looking for something in your room which was messy, so we turned her around to look into my room which was clean and she could imagine that's what yours looked like.

This morning I managed to get a bug bite on the bottom of my foot. Whilst sleeping nonetheless. I had stuck a foot out of the covers and apparently it was good because I now have a big bug bite which was SO super fun to stand on all day at work. Today I really really wanted to tell the patrons that I could either be nice to them or deal with their icky-sticky return items, but not both. My boss said it wasn't an either/or situation. I still beg to differ.

It turns out that one of The Sister's bags was stolen. At first I thought the situation was much more dire than it is, but it still sucks. Her predicament spurned me into knitterly action and fully convinced me that I can knit 2.3 socks in 10 days. Who knows- it could happen.

I decided to give myself an extension on The Mommy's sweater. I might have been on schedule if I hadn't screwed up the back so royally. Turns out those knitting voices that say it will all be alright are much more powerful than I had thought.

My MOST favorite holiday of the entire year is coming up Thursday. I'm just as excited as usual. This year I'm making stuffing and an apple almond tart to contribute. I'll post the recipes in the next couple of days- or whenever I have a minute from all that sock knitting I'll be doing.

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