Friday, November 16, 2007

Finished a Sweater...

... still don't know if I like it.

Hey Flan,

You sound like you had a nice trip. Also, lovely Christmas gift!

The Grandfather's Socks are looking very nice.

So tonight I finished a sweater for me. The first thing expressly for me in awhile. I had it all seamed a couple of weeks ago, but between yesterday and today managed to get the final edge ribbing on it. The pattern was written by a Swede and modeled by a Swede. I think the fashion industry uses so many Swedish models because everything must look good on them. In case there was any doubt- I am definitely not Swedish.

I just don't know that I like this sweater very much. I'll take some pics and you can vote. So far the final product is balled up on a chair somewhere. THIS uncertainty is why I knit for others. Somehow I know what will fit them and how to choose what colors to pick. For myself I have no idea and so the things that I try come out like crap.

Anyway, I am exhausted and The Mommy is convinced that everything looks better in the morning. Maybe the theory of beauty sleep isn't a fallacy after all and both the sweater and I will look better tomorrow.

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