Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 12

I envy you the Veterans Day holiday! Mike, of course, didn't work either, but I had to work, and I'm headed into travel (Southern Minnesota) for the rest of the week. The only fun thing about working today is that I wore one of my new and very cute Ann Taylor sweaters to work, and got compliments.

Last night we went pub-quizzing, and though we didn't win, we did quite well, and I even managed to make progress on Grandpa's socks.

I forgot to say! On Saturday, having to work the morning was somewhat mitigated by the arrival of a package on my doorstep. My long awaited Ravelry t-shirt had arrived! I'm wearing it at the moment (black, "I swatched Ravelry" with a swatch grid on it), and it makes me laugh every time I look down. A lot of people ended up with shirts that were either too small or seemed to small to them (because they're more fitted shirts than many people are used to wearing), so I'm counting myself lucky that I like the fit!

I'll be blogging from hotels the next few nights, so wish me luck on the internet connections!

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