Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 16

I'm alive (and back home, hooray!). I also even have pictures. During my travels in Southern MN and WI this week, I was faithful to Grandpa's socks, which means:
Sock #1 is complete to the ankle. I'll start knitting up the leg as soon as I get sock 2 to the same spot.
Sock 2 is cast on, past the toe, and in the first repeat of the textured pattern.

I even have evidence:
You'll note that there's only one ball of yarn. This is because I wasn't smart enough to divide the yarn in half at the beginning. Thus sock #1 being on hold until I get to the same point on sock #2.

But that's not the real excitement in our house today. The real excitement is that Mike and I came up with mutual Christmas presents for the year, and decided to get them early. They arrived yesterday.

Behold, my extremely cute ipod nano. (Mike has the same model, but in silver instead instead of blue.) Sorry for the blurry picture, the camera ran out of battery right after I took it.

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EnnaVic said...

Those socks are looking great :) I wasn't convinced about the brown either but dey be turnin' out jus' fine! (Sorry - been reading "The Cay" to one of my kids and it just slipped out :) )