Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 17

A sweater? I want to see this mythical sweater (which I'm sure is beautiful and fits very well indeed).

Today....what the heck happened to today?

Oh right. IKEA. So have I mentioned our recent houseguest? Our friend W has been staying in our guest room most of the week as he waited to sign his lease. Having signed his lease, he went to to order furniture for delivery. And then discovered that the delivery fees were, to say the least, prohibitive. So he enlisted our help (and Mike's large car) for a quick run to Ikea.

Quick and Ikea should almost never exist in the same sentence. By the time we finished the top floor, it was noon, so we ate lunch. Then on to the bottom floor...which took another hour plus. You see, he's starting from scratch, and I was supervising the shopping, and saying things like "laundry basket" "bathmat" "plates and cups." So then we loaded up Mike's car and another car, delivered stuff to the new apartment, and got the bed put together and the kitchen stuff dealt with. The rest we left to him

I think in the end he has the basics, and can be pretty happy with his studio apartment. But it took a long time, and pretty well killed our day.

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EnnaVic said...

De-lurking because I couldn't resist saying that I find that it's always quite fun spending other people's money for them, even if it is just on basics.

I've been enjoying your blog :)