Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall...

... what sock yarn has the most yardage of them all??

Hey Flan,

This year the Xmas gifting is coming out in a different manner than it has ever before. Usually it's The Brother I have problems brainstorming for. This year I found something perfect, and then another thing that'd be perfect and another and another. However, for The SIL it's becoming extremely difficult.

My delightful SIL is very tall. Taller I think than even You (though I'm not sure). She shops at stores where the inseam of the pant come up to my armpit. The Brother suggested that I shop at one of these stores as they have socks and stockings that fit her. In a truly cruel twist of fate, they don't list those products on their website.

Also, you know what the word "sock" does to a knitter. They make my brand new ultra fantastic Harmony needles just quiver with excitement (seriously, anyone who knits on dpns NEEDS some of these and if you don't usually do dpns you will). This also makes the knitter take a deep breath when she realizes that her needles are possessed and quivering with excitement.

This leads us back to the original reason for her shopping at the specialty stores- big feet. Big feet mean more yardage, more yardage means the type of yarn needed must be chosen carefully so as to not run short (the problem to begin with). When pressed to knit socks I do so toe up and a short row heel. Depending on whether or not it's varigated yarn I will do a short row toe as well. Man I love short rows.

How to choose the yarn? The beloved Aryarn is beautiful but driving me crazy with all the extra twists and it has less yardage than others. Lorna's is always beautiful, can be purchased at my most beloved yarn store and picked up by The Mommy, has 215 yds/ skein and can be machine washed but not machine dried. Louet Gems can be machine washed and dried, but has 185 yds/skein. Regia silk has 22o yds/ball can be machine washed and dried (allegedly) but is hard to find.

What to do? How to you choose?

P.S. Hi Flan's Mom!

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