Sunday, November 04, 2007

Slothful Sunday

Hi Flan,

I'm loving the toe color. The colors together are vaguely Mac-ish and the idea of orangey toes and heels makes me smile, though I do love a brown/blue combo...

I FINISHED THE ROTTING PUMPKIN SWEATER! It's washed and is drying in the sun. The fact that it's sunny and warm enough to dry a sweater outside in November is very freaky, but I do live at the bottom of the country, so there you go.

Henry is turning out very well. I'm sort of tempted to make one myself.

I discovered a new favorite book. The new one is "The Yarn Girl's Guide to Knits for all Seasons". There are more sweaters in here that I want to make than in any other book EVER. I completely love it. PLUS a lot of the ones I want to do are for ME. How fortuitous is that?? I just love it and think everyone should run out and get one- even if you get it from your library like I did.

I'm off to work on The Mommy's Sweater, the designated sweater for November. So far I'm working on the back and have managed to apply beads with the crochet hook method and executed a very nice provisional cast on hem if I do say so myself. I'm trying to decide if it's too big or alright and how much to shorten it.

Oh, one more thing. The Father hurt himself badly on his last fishing trip. He decided to singlehandedly launch his boat instead of using the trailer to back it into the water. Apparently, he does not think that he is over 60 and was acting accordingly. He strained his back and passed out on top of the boat. Thankfully, he did not pass out in the water or it could have been much much worse. Naturally, he and the doofuses he was with proceeded with their fishing trip and he navigated class 4 rapids with an injured back. He's now home and on strict instructions to lift nothing more than a coffee cup for the next 6 weeks and is on bedrest, pain killer and physical therapy. If you have any extra good karma/ thoughts I'm sure he'd appreciate them and I hope he's learned his lesson. Oy.

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