Sunday, November 04, 2007


Given the gorgeous weather today, I'm off to work on my garden, putting the beds down for the winter. I'm about to run to the gardening store in hopes of buying some daffodils and crocus to brighten up the spring, and then I have things to cut back and weeds to pull.

Luckily, today is sunny and gorgeous, the perfect fall day to work outside.

After that, I'll be parking myself on the couch to work on Grandpa's socks and maybe a bit on Henry. Today may also be the day I rip back the right side of Rogue in order to mirror the neck cables. Might as well do that with natural light! There's also a strong possibility of apple pie....

With the Daylight Savings Time switch, I was excited by the morning sun today....but I know I'm going to pay for that tonight.

Have a lovely Sunday.

And seriously, to the approximately 5 readers of this blog, I'd love an opinion on the toe color of the socks. Here's a reminder picture:

What do you think? Would something more blue or green do better?


aubree said...

hush it, you know the brown is the way to go. i love the pattern too.

EnnaVic said...

Just delurking to say I think the brown is ok and the socks are great - but I think the brown is quite a strong colour next to the paler shade near it. If the darker blue was near it it would blend in better.

But I don't think I would worry about changing it - and in the greater scheme of things, when you have a bit more knitted, I suspect it will bend more anyway.

What do I know though? I hate sock knitting - although I love watching sock knitting *g*