Thursday, November 08, 2007

Is it SO Bad?

Hi Flan,

Snow?! I am so very jealous. It'll be 60 here today. The Mommy was wondering what to pack when they come at Christmas and mentioned a lovely wool suit she thought she might bring. I emailed her the forecast. She's re-thinking her wardrobe.

So with the looming knitter's deadline of December 25, how does the knitting get triaged? How do you decide what you are going to knit first? What is most important? Can you decide what is most important and what do you do after that?

The gifties for The Sister and The GF must be to the nice people who will fly them across the world (these gifties should get frequent flier miles) and that deadline is Dec 8. Oh Lawd. THEN there is a sweater per month. The first two went rather well, now the third one is in progress, but there are so very many pieces; back, 2 fronts, 2 sleeves, each with provisional cast ons, beads and facings- not to mention the putting all of them together. Nearly every line is charted, so there is none of that "knit in st st for 20gabillion inches" that there was in the previous two.

Other than those 3 projects, the real problem is that I'd much rather be playing with alpaca. I'm trying to hold off on letting myself do the "fun" projects until I'm done with the "gifts with deadlines" projects. The real kicker is that I keep thinking of MORE things to do, i.e. hat for The Hubby's stocking. After working in the mental health field for a couple of years there is no professional I know that will diagnose a "knitting nut", so I think I'm ok- for now.

Good luck w/ your projects.

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