Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 25

Can I put in a plug for the always lovely Smooshy sock yarn from Dream in Color? I buy mine in Borealis, and its what I'm using for Grandpa's socks. I think if his feet weren't so big around, I'd have no worries about getting a full pair of socks out of them. Certainly I think I could get a pair for myself easily out of the (450 yard!) skeins. And its machine wash and dryable (though they suggest taking it out of the dryer before totally dry).

I buy mine at my much adored Borealis Yarns, and I would of course be happy to enable you with some with some color guidance (try that top link).

Last night I pulled out the last repeat of Grandpa's socks (stupid mistake), but tonight I think maybe I'll get to turning the heel on sock #2!

Today I spent time browsing Ravelry with Mike trying to get a handle on what he wants for a hat. You see, he's decided that a new hat would be a helpful thing to have. Of course we already did Christmas presents, but I think this might end up being an early Birthday present. So far we've established that it will be two color with snowflakes on the brim, and will have a double layer over the ears. I'll be searching for the perfect yarn (I'm actually thinking of using Smooshy in Summer Sky as the blue, and then find a white.....)

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Kathleen said...

I bought myself some Dream in Color in WA but haven't had a chance to knit it up yet. I'm intrigued. Tuesday (if you remember) could you look at the color options and let me know what you think looks like her?

Re: the hat. What about brooklyn tweed's red light special? At least I think that's what it's called. It has a double layer around the ears and if you did it in two colors instead of 4 it would sort of look like snowflakes. I bought the yarn to do one for The Hubby when visiting you in MN.