Friday, January 26, 2007

Belated Christmas

Hi Flan,
I completely understand about the packing. I still have nightmares about the weeks prior to leaving MN (thank you for all your help during that time and for not laughing too hard when I would pick up something and say, "Flan, would you like half a bottle of obscure cooking vinegar?").

I think we have pictures today! My camera and I are on semi-speaking terms. It takes pictures when it decides there is enough battery and then has possession issues and doesn't like to share the pictures with the computer. HOWEVER, today I think we may have something. These are all from Christmas.

The 93yo Gma and The Sister enjoying a little "holiday cheer" and some Burbon Balls. The Hubby on his first sled run EVER. No one should get to be 25 and hever have gone sledding.
I went first to show him how it's done.
The Brother and The SIL. Aren't they cute?! And my, isn't that a lovely sweater he's wearing.

On the knitting front, not only has the psychosis involved planning Xmas gifties, but I'm seriously contemplating lace. The Hubby was looking at the patterns I found in my IK mags and asked me if I needed to have a lie down.

If you need me to send Simon Delivers or delivery from the Whole Foods deli, send up a flare.

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