Thursday, January 11, 2007

Knitters v. Banking

Hi Flan,
Cara has given a pretty good description of the recent kurfuffle involving the nice people over at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, their Socks That Rock club, and their former banking institution. I will say only that I find in pretty funny that a bunch of knitters have brought down the banking industry. Also, what kind of a jaded world do we live in that there would be a scam involving knitted socks? Seriously, who would think, oh yes, the company that sells yarn has now decided to scam their customers by, let's see, selling product which they currently offer?

The Hubby and I are both off for MLK day. Given that we are in the Heart of Dixie it might be a good time to think of race relations in today's day and age, or perhaps do something civic minded; but we aren't. The Hubby and I are going to drive into the "country" (which, given that we are in LA- Lower Alabama- is not all that far from anywhere) to stare at the ground. Granted, The Hubby calls this activity "rock hunting" and finds great joy in doing so. I call it staring at the ground. Resources needed: happy knitting for the ride to and from The Country- have great hopes for major progress on The Baby Blanket, music or book on tape so the mind has something to do whilst staring at the ground, and lots of good picnic food to fortify us after having spend long periods of time staring at the ground. Some womens' husbands go to strip clubs, some are glued to ESPN, some are addicted to online gambling, some have mistresses, mine just likes to stare at the ground and pick up rocks. Ah, wedded bliss.

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