Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have no new pictures because for all intents and purposes, Arwen looks exactly the same now as it did in yesterday’s post. I’ve just worked the k2tog row to secure the hem, and I’m ready to embark on the big stockinette stitch rectangle that is the back of the sweater.

Jody at SavvanahChik Knits has declared that she’ll be changing this to raglan shaping, which I think looks better on me. Consequently, I have a plan. I’ll knit the back to the bottom of the armholes, and if Jody hasn’t posted direction for converting to a raglan at that point, I’ll put it on holders and cast on one of the sides. It’s just convenient that this means I might get to the pretty cables faster.

I think that as of this weekend, I may vanish somewhat from the blogosphere for a week or two. The packing is becoming overwhelming, and the knitting time nonexistent. I’ll try to post occasionally, but I can’t promise anything till all the moving is complete.

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