Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Sts Go Marching One By One..

Hurah, Hurah...

Hi Flan,
I hope the rest of the packing goes well. If we both didn't hate it so much we could make a mint packing other people's stuff.

The Baby Blanket is not going to be any larger than the pattern recommends. I have decided to come to peace with the fact that I will have 3 balls left over at the end of the project. It's just going to have to be ok. I also discovered some mistakes I had made. One was 4 rows back, one just two. I was going to live with the one 4 back, but the discovery of the second mistake called for some ripping. Wouldn't you know, it occurred during the longest section (knitting corner to corner, the middle diagonal) which has taken the longest to re-do. Yesterday I took a deep breath and pulled. I am happy to report that the patient and I came through the operation well and are now back to where we were before. The huge relief is that from now on all the rows get shorter.

We got to go to a fabulous dinner at Gracie's last weekend. The Boys played pool, The Little Girl slept and Gracie and I poured over knitting patterns. We were on a mission. I have 8 skeins of this. At 100 yds per skein, that is a delightful 800 yds. I figured it was plenty to do a cute shrug from IK. However, the pattern called for 5 skeins of this. At 240 yds per skein that is 1200 yds for a stupid little shrug! I figured it was a mistake, and instead of there being 240 yds per skein there were really 140, making a total of 700 for which my current supply would suffice. No, not so much- it really has the stated 240 and I am now in a quandry. I don't really want to buy more of the stuff I have. It was purchased in one of those weak moments at the Yarnery's sale section during the '03 buying blitz. I've carted it around from state to state and would like to create something so that we can all move on with our lives. My question is this: the pattern yarn swatches at 20sts on size 6, the yarn I have swatches at 20 sts on size 8 is there any way that the increased needle size would make up for the fact that I have 400 yds to few? Stop laughing. I'm choosing to call myself an optimist. Geez, stop laughing.

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