Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow Keeps Falling on my Head

It started snowing Sunday, but I didn't because I was in a frenzy of packing. Then I started to leave to meet Mike to get dinner, and discovered that I would have to spend 15 minutes clearing off my car, and decided to go back inside and eat at home. And then I kept packing.

All in all, it was a very successful weekend of packing and getting stuff under control. Although I still have lots to do, I'm feeling better overall than I was on Friday. Driving to work yesterday was the normal challenge because it seems that Minnesotans don't retain the memory of how to drive in snow from winter to winter, but I made it safely.

This morning, to cap off the weather, it was 5 below zero when I woke up. Now I'm not going to complain too much, because there wasn't much wind, and people to the North of us were much much colder (-24 before windchill), but I am reminded of how cold winter can be in Minnesota. This has inspired me to pull out the yarn you gifted me with for my birthday last year. Nice warm Alpaca in a lovely blue and black combo. Then I looked for the pattern for the bulky mittens. Amazingly, I hadn't yet packed it. Then I looked for size 10 or 10.5 double pointed needles. And there I struck out. I can find circulars, and I might even be able to find 2 circulars the same size, so I'm considering using the two circulars method. This is all to avoid going to the yarn store and being tempted by all the yarn.

We shall see. Knitting progress is slow due to the constant need to pack, but I think I'm one to 1.5 solid nights work away from being done with the shawl.

I'm also working my way down the gusset shaping of my current sock, and discovered last night that my missing knitting needle for J's Manly Mitts is in J's truck. So as soon as I retrieve the needle, I can work more on those, which are great for almost mindless knitting.

I hope the staring at the ground expedition went well.

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