Thursday, January 11, 2007

No good title


The Blue Moon thing is absolutely amazing. And entertaining. Though I think Stephanie may have a point about the fact that the business is owned and run by women, and the bank would never do this to a male owned business. But I digress. I love that they wouldn't believe that many people would be interested in sock yarn!

I've run out of clever and not so clever titles that involve edging. Nevertheless, I'm still knitting edging. But today I've managed to remember a picture!

The magic of blocking is yet to come, but I have faith. Last night I watched classic West Wing and knitted up a storm, so life is good. I'm one repeat of edging away from the center stitches, but was too tired to continue.

Tragically, this meant I didn't pack. Not even a little bit. This may have been a bad decision, but I decided I would buckle down on Saturday afternoon and finish packing the contents of the big closet and all but the most basic of my cooking supplies. I feel that I can survive the next couple weeks with a few pots, 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 mugs, and 2 glasses, plus some silverware. What do you think?

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