Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm at the Edge

Last night was blessedly free of packing. Instead, I sat on Mike's couch, knit edging, and flipped back and forth between football and CSI: Miami. Mike sort of wanted to watch the college football game, and usually we don't see CSI because we watch Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip in that time slot, so it was pretty out of the ordinary compared to our usual Monday night. And I knit on the edging of the shawl.

Unfortunately, I seem to have entered knitting black hole #3 on this shawl. This first happened while knitting the main body. Then finally that was done, and I was knitting the border for eons. Last night I eyeballed where I was, knit industriously for an hour, looked at the knitting again, and seemed to have gotten nowhere. Finally at the end of the night I looked down, and I'm getting pretty close to the markers for the halfway point, so there's hope.

I've got a work meeting this evening, so progress on anything is likely to be limited tonight. I'm hoping to pack a box or two and do a load of laundry after I get home. It would be nice if the big closet in my apartment was all packed except for work clothes by this weekend.

I fear I'm going to be a boring blogger for a while due to the packing, but I will try to actually take a picture of the shawl with half knit edging tonight so that you can see it.

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